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TROIKA Gift Box (No Caviar)

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Product Description

Troika Gift Box contains only: (no caviar)

1 x Black Leather Gift Box (Large)

1 x Caviar Key

2 x Traditional Mother of Pearl Spoon

1 x De Base Mother of Pearl Dish

2 x Ice Brick

For area outside Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, kindly speak to our sales representative to ensure that your address is covered by the delivery company.

Orders will be delivered during business days (Monday to Friday, 11am to 6pm).

Cash on delivery is currently not available.

Caviar is a natural produce freshly harvested from sturgeon. Each fish is unique and its roe differs from fish to fish of its own species. Hence, it is normal for caviar that comes from the same sturgeon species to have slight differences in colour, texture or flavour and should not be considered as a defect.


Caviar is a raw ingredient and has to be kept chilled at all times.

Recommended storage temperature of -2°C to 2°C.

Ensure that your order is collected and stored in the chiller immediately upon receiving.

Store only caviar in the chiller and ice brick in the freezer.

Do not store the box / bag in the chiller.

After receiving the caviar:

Read the care book given for more information.

Contact our sales representatives for any enquiries.